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Students Impress at Mock Trial!

Wolverhampton Magistrates Court

This will be our 4th visit as a school to Wolverhampton Magistrates Court, year on year we teach the pupils about the criminal justice system and real-life cases, that tie in with our curriculum.


This year we took 13 year 9 pupils to Wolverhampton Magistrates Court to experience what it would be like to enter a courtroom and first-hand witness how the court deal with offenders.  We witnessed how the court can be supportive and help individuals back into the community.  Some reoffenders were brought before the court and were handed harsher sentences.  We listened to the magistrates as they deliberated and justified their reason for their choices.  The pupils found this a useful conversation as some of them later were talking to me about the choices the magistrates made.  Some pupils thought the sentences were too soft, for example a person had been banned from driving and 2 days later he was caught speeding.  This conversation raised eyebrows with the boys as they thought he should have had a harsher sentence.


It was a valuable experience, and it was pleasing to hear the pupils talking about the visit and how they could relate to it, some were saying how they found it daunting and would not want to be in court.   It was unfortunate to hear one pupil say he’s been here before with his dad, it made me think about our pupils and what they are exposed to.  On a positive, it opened their minds about policing and the law and hopefully they can appreciate the systems we have.


We have built a positive relationship with the Wolverhampton Magistrates Court and on each visit, we have been praised for the inquisitive nature of pupils and how well they represent the school.



Last year we received information about Mock Trails.  This is the opportunity to introduce our pupils to the criminal justice system through an immersive, active learning experience.  We practiced with a fictitious case study to begin with. This year we’re gearing up for the real thing, in March we’re attending Wolverhampton Magistrates Court to challenge other schools.

We have dedicated pupils who have joined the team and have been rehearsing their roles in preparation for the real event.


Mr  A Jeer


This year four students from Ellowes Hall entered the local stage of the Dudley Rotary chef and. Students had to cook a hot main and a dessert to serve 2 people for under £15.


All the students did amazingly well and demonstrated high ability technical skills like making pasta and bread along with filleting fish. All students received a certificate and a cookbook and the winner also received a gift voucher.

Rebecca was awarded as the KS3 winner, following in the footsteps of her sister Lydia who is competing in the local stage of the Springboard Chef Competition next week.

Quotes from the judges-

“Rebecca stole the show with an update of a French classic chicken supreme in a tarragon sauce”

“Hattie cooked the pasta main, and did a lovely apple rosette as a pudding, but the table layout she put on was just superb, I would love to see her back next year, as she just missed out, but her thought and ‘follow through’ were spot on”

Ellowes Hall Sports College OFTSED Inspection

Dear Ellowes Hall Sports College,

I write to you to inform you of the outcome of the recent OFSTED inspection at Ellowes Hall Sports College.

This letter is for Ellowes Hall Sports College and all school stakeholders:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Trust Staff
  • School Partners
  • Community
  • Department for Education

The above list is in no particular order, apart from the students, our first and most important value is ‘Everyday, in every way, our students come first’. It is with them in the forefront of my mind that this letter is written, but the message is for the thousands of people connected to our school in many ways.

OFSTED inspected the school recently, the first time they have inspected us since 2012. Under the new OFSTED guidance, we received the judgement of ‘Requires Improvement’.

There are several factors that we should consider before we begin our journey back to outstanding, but the important message for you all is:

We are not happy with this outcome, whatever the measure we aim to be the best and before we blame circumstance and external factors, we will first look internally and question ourselves and our processes before we create a plan to deliver outstanding outcomes for the most important people, our students.

OFSTED are often criticised for the scrutiny and pressure that schools find themselves under to ‘tick boxes’ but we understand the difficulty in measuring a school’s performance with a huge variety of factors to consider, it is a very difficult task, and ultimately OFSTED want the same thing as we do, the best for our children. The biggest difficulty lies in the diversity of the nation and we firmly believe in first doing what is best for OUR community.

Although on this occasion we have fallen short of the benchmarks set by OFSTED we do truly believe that we are a great school, we believe this because we have great students who are taught by great staff and over the coming months we will need to demonstrate great resilience as we begin our journey back to outstanding.

On behalf of the Trust I would like to thank Alan Jasper for the critical role that he has played in making Ellowes Hall Sports College one of the best in the borough for over a decade. Year after year we have been oversubscribed, including this year. Year after year we have delivered great outcomes for our students. Year after year we have delivered unique opportunities and elite experiences for our students and year after year we have found ways of investing in our schools’ facilities to ensure we have an excellent environment for our students.  Alan leaves the school in a much better place than he found it 20 years ago, we thank him for his service and wish him all the best in the future.

Alan’s decision does open the door to an exciting new era at Ellowes Hall Sports College. The recruitment process to replace Alan is already complete. There was no shortage of candidates desperate to lead our great school and the Board and I have had the difficult but rewarding task of appointing the right person to lead Ellowes Hall Sports College.

We welcome on board our new headteacher Mrs Carla Leslie. Mrs Leslie is aware of the brief for her new role, improve the effectiveness of leadership at Ellowes Hall Sports College and ensure the education on offer is good or better. Mrs Leslie cannot wait to get started.

My final sentiment is this, I would call for all parents and carers that have entrusted us with their child’s learning and development to remain calm and continue to support and trust us. We have consistently delivered outcomes in line with and above national average and our data supports this.

The measure we hold in the highest regard is the progress of our students, and we are not happy with the Progress 8 score we received in 2019 and plans are in place to address this, but to offer balance, our Attainment 8 was above national average.

There will be no panic on our part, just a thorough review of our processes and a demand for ourselves to deliver more for our students through strong and effective leadership.

I would also like a to add a message for the staff at Ellowes Hall Sports College. We are all disappointed with the outcome of the inspection, we should acknowledge that there were many positive areas that inspectors commented on, in the new criteria our personal development and Sixth Form were rated as ‘Good’. More importantly are the quotes regarding our students ‘relationships between students and staff is purposeful and relaxed, and students enjoy coming to school’. This is a great foundation for us to build on, you will be supported by the school’s and Trust’s leaders and together we will create an outstanding environment for our students.

Every day, in every way our students come first.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our OFSTED report please send them to your comments will be discussed with Mrs Leslie and the leadership team and responded to at the earliest convenience. The full OFSTED report is available on the OFSTED page of our website.

Please click here for a copy of the covering letter from current headteacher Mr Jasper

Yours sincerely,

Tony Bowles

CEO – Invictus Education Trust

Click here for a digital copy of this letter

Miss Saigon – Students Dazzle Audiences….AGAIN!

Students at Ellowes Hall Sports College put on another fantastic show with their production of Miss Saigon.  The show is based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly and tells the tragic tale of a doomed romance.  Nearly 100 students were involved through either performing on stage or behind the scenes (stage management, lighting, sound engineering, etc.) in seven performances over two weeks.  The students have worked hard since rehearsals began back in May and their dazzling performances have made parents and staff very proud.  From the Chinese Dragon to the illusion of a helicopter landing on stage the school has once more provided students with an amazing platform in which they could showcase their talents.  It is the sixteenth large scale production in a row and the bar that was set very high has remained so with many messages of congratulations still flooding in from the local community.