Year 10 Message

Attention all year 10 students and families.


Thank you for your efforts this week in attending the parent briefings and returning your forms so promptly.

Emails have been sent to all students and parents of returning students to confirm your groupings.


For your ease:


A1-A4 you are returning on Mondays and Tuesdays.

A1 – Arrive at 0845

A2 – Arrive at 0900

A3 – Arrive at 0915

A4 – Arrive at 0930 on Monday and 1030 on Tuesday


B1-B4 you are returning on Wednesday and Thursdays

B1 – Arrive at 0845

B2 – Arrive at 0900

B3 – Arrive at 0915

B4 – Arrive at 0930


Any queries or questions regarding the emails received or the return of year 10 please contact cleslie or ljones