Course Content Year 7, 8 & 9 – Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Course Content: Year 7 – 9

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that follows the revised National Curriculum guidelines. This includes three hours of quality Physical Education each week together with regular lessons of Art, Music and Drama. Emphasis is placed on “Learning to Learn” including extended homework projects.

Students are set for Mathematics on entry to Ellowes Hall following assessments during Induction Week.  For all other subjects students are in mixed ability groups for the first half term in Year 7.  This is followed by the creation of a number of ‘grammar stream’ classes after half term.  In Year 8 the students are set in English and Science, and for the rest of the subjects the students remain in the grammar stream classes.  At any point in Year 7 – 8 students can move between sets and classes following assessment points throughout the year.  Towards the end of Year 8, students will make a preference for Geography or History which they then study for the next three years.  They also have a subject option choice for study at Year 9 which can be reviewed when picking their other options in Year 9 to be studied at KS4.  In Year 9 the students are placed into one of three Bands (A, E and V) and within these bands the core subjects will also be set.

Here are the Curriculum Guides for Year 7 – 9.            Here are the Curriculum Plans for Year 7 – 9.

Year 7                    Year 8                     Year 9                   Y7 Plan                    Y8 Plan                   Y9 Plan