Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour – Headteacher’s Welcome


Hi, my name is Mrs Leslie, and I am very proud to be the headteacher here at Ellowes Hall Sports College, welcome to our virtual tour! Please take a minute to watch my video directly below, enjoy the tour!

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All video clips are embedded directly from our YouTube channel, meaning subtitles are available by selecting ‘turn subtitles on’ in the menu option within each video player.

Once you have had a look around click here for your digital copy of the Invictus Transition Workbook

Invictus Education Trust Chief Executive Officer

Where we differ from other multi academy trusts is our intention to collaborate, in every way.

This starts with the ‘Invictus Culture’ which has seen all of our schools, and Sixth Form, adopt a shared vision, mission and set of values.

Invictus Vision

Our communities will have access to an outstanding education. Our schools and 6th form cater for the social, economic and cultural diversity that our country is comprised of and deliver opportunities and experiences that celebrate that diversity. We are to be locally based, but nationally important.

Invictus Mission

We exist to provide our schools with the resources to offer independent minded education to their communities.  Our academic focus is on progress. We achieve this with exceptional teaching delivered by outstanding teachers, who are supported by an outstanding team. We provide our students with unique opportunities and elite experiences allowing them to thrive in whatever they pursue.

Invictus Values

Value One – Every day, in every way, our students come first

Our first and most important value.

Value Two – Anything is possible

We focus on the challenge to identify it, our energy is spent finding a solution.

Value Three – Accountability

If it is to be, it is to be me. 

Value Four – Seek and seize opportunities

We aim to deliver ‘WOW’ through opportunities and experiences.

Value Five – Focus on relationships and all else will follow

Open, honest and empathic relationships with clear and simple communication are the foundations of our Trust.

Value Six – Start with the end in mind

We identify our aspiration and put processes in place to exceed expectations. We celebrate our progress throughout the journey.

Value Seven – Think Collaboratively

We always ask ourselves; can we include more students, more of our team or more of our schools in everything we do?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a video from our deputy head addressing some of frequently asked questions.

Welcome to your Virtual Tour & Induction

Mr Lopez

Either dive in to the tabs below to find out more about each area of the school, or if you are a little unsure, watch the video directly above to familiarise yourself with lay out of the induction and tour!

We take great pride in the production level of all media we send out to our communities. We believe in delivering the very best for our parents, carers and students, but we hope you appreciate, during this unprecedented time most of our team’s introduction films have been made on ‘selfie’ mode in their own homes! We believe the content of each video is of a much higher value than risking our team’s well being to create more professional films, we hope you do too!

Head Of Year 7

Meet the Team

Hi Year 7! See the image below to put faces to the names, meet your new team of form tutors! Below the image you will find a profile from each of your tutors, some interesting facts!

Welcome to the Main Entrance

Welcome to the entrance to our school.  You will see that there is a driveway that leads to a green fence and some gates.  Visitors and parents should use the visitor carpark when they have an appointment and then press the intercom located at the pedestrian gate which is adjacent to the service gate.  If a parent is dropping a child off for school they should not turn into the driveway of the school where the yellow zig zags are.  Parents should park where it is safe in Stickley Lane or the adjacent streets.

Virtual Tour – Main Entrance

Welcome to our Reception

Welcome to the reception area of Ellowes Hall.  This is where visitors or parents with an appointment enter the school.  When you press the intercom at the pedestrian gate you will be able to speak to reception who will let you enter if you have an appointment.  You can follow the path and sign to reception where you will find a meetings room if you have an appointment with a member of staff.  This is also the main point of entry for Parents Evenings and Performances in the main theatre.

Virtual Tour – Reception

Welcome to the Library

The Library / LRC (Learning Resource Centre) offers a quiet space to read and study.

Students are welcome to visit before school from 8.15am, during lunchtime & after school until

 4.15 pm if you need to complete work, choose a book or if you want to sit somewhere quiet to read.

There are hundreds of books on offer for you to borrow both fiction and non-fiction including popular titles such as Harry Potter, Alex Ryder, Jaqueline Wilson series.

All students are welcome and encouraged to borrow books from us.

If there is a particular book you really want to read please let me know and I will do my best to obtain it for you.

We look forward to welcoming you in September we know you are going to love your time at Ellowes, have a great summer and stay safe.

Mrs S Waterfield

Virtual Tour – Library

Welcome to the Theatre

Virtual Tour – Main Hall

Past Productions

Miss Saigon

Les Miserables


Sweeny Todd

Billy Elliot

Additional Information

Welcome to the Expressive Arts Block Theatre

The Expressive Arts Block has an ‘in-the-round’ theatre which is used for everyday performing arts lessons, small concerts and assemblies.  Outside of normal school hours it is used as a base for many extra-curricular activities and groups to rehearse.  Our school is quite rightly well known for the quality of its performing arts and music and the film above demonstrates just what staff and students get up to outside of school hours, and the extraordinary efforts of all those involved.

Virtual Tour – Expressive Arts Block Theatre


Welcome to the Dining Hall

Welcome to our school diner.  It is a large social space for students to consume their snacks at break time and their lunch during the lunch break.  Located to the far end of the diner is a smaller diner where students who buy hot dinners can find a seat.  The diner is for students to consume a variety of hot and cold snacks bought from the school canteen.  Next to the diner is the theatre area where the tiered seating can be folded away and extra tables and chairs are put out as an overflow area for those eating their lunch.

Virtual Tour – Dining Hall

Welcome to the Sports Hall

Our Double Sports Hall is a wonderful teaching space. It is the largest sports hall by far in the area and the envy of every other school that visits! We have space for 8 full Badminton courts, two Netball courts, two Basketball courts and two Volleyball courts to name a few. Other sports that are taught in the sports hall include Trampolining, Handball, Indoor Football, Gymnastics and short Tennis, again to name a few! Four changing rooms and viewing glass completes the magnificent building that is the centre of the PE Department.

Virtual Tour – Sports Hall

Welcome to the Sports Field

At Ellowes we enjoy the use of extensive sports fields.  We have more than enough space for all lessons to be outside at the same time with beautiful views across the Borough! We have fully marked out Football, Rugby and American Football pitches for use in the winter months, in addition to Rounders and Softball pitches, a Cricket wicket with full boundary, and a full 400m Athletics track for the summer. Sports Day is held in the summer on the bottom field with the bank forming seating with great views for the whole school watch the final House event of the year

Virtual Tour – Sports Field

Welcome to the Swimming Pool

We are very lucky to have our own swimming pool at Ellowes. It is 10m wide and 17m long and is used by all year groups. We follow the Swimming National Plan in lessons which allows our pupils to develop and master the four swimming strokes, water skills and survival techniques, and even aspects of water polo. Lesson are supervised by qualified Lifeguards which are trained at Ellowes and are mostly our 6th formers who have taken their love of the sport from lessons to a career!

There are a range of swimming clubs that Ellowes pupils can join in with, whether they want to improve their technique or simply enjoy swimming!

The pool is used in the evening for lessons for younger children who are learning how to swim.

Virtual Tour – Swimming Pool

Welcome to Achieve!

What is ACHIEVE?



Health & wellbeing

Individual development

Economic wellbeing




What will I study in ACHIEVE?

ACHIEVE is a subject that combines PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education), Citizenship and Careers Education.  PSHE incorporates physical health and mental wellbeing, relationship and sex education, plus living in the wider world.  In years 9, 10 and 11, ACHIEVE also incorporates Religious Education.


Why am I studying it?

ACHIEVE is intended to help you grow as a person.  You will develop the skills needed to live a happy and healthy life by reaching your full potential and achieving your dreams. You will learn to be an active citizen, acquire financial literacy skills and prepare for the working world.

How will this subject help me?

By studying ACHIEVE, you will be able to make informed choices.  This subject will help you grow in self-confidence by developing your knowledge, skills and attributes to manage your life now and in the future.  It will motivate you to achieve your dreams.

Virtual Tour – Achieve


Activities and Resources

Year 6 transition booklet ACHIEVE

Welcome to Art

Art Virtual Tour

Activities and Resources

Year 6 Continuous Line Drawing Task

Welcome to Computing and Computer Science

Welcome to the Computing department here at Ellowes Hall Sports College!

Within our Computing department we have four teachers they are- Mrs McEvoy, Mr Jeer, Mrs Virdi-Jeer and Miss Jones. We can’t wait to meet you all!

There are a wide range of ICT resources around our school and we are very lucky to have access to hundreds of computers! You will study our subject in one of our four ICT suites and discover a range of technology and hardware.

In Key Stage 3 you will have one lesson a week of Computing where you will study a mix of topics covering both ICT & Computer Science. You will explore topics such as how to stay safe online, the evolution of technology, designing your own video game and even building your very own app!

Once you reach Key Stage 4 you will then decide which of the two areas is your favourite and can opt for either GCSE Computer Science or GCSE iMedia. We can’t wait to see what you pick!

We have a wide range of extracurricular and enrichment activities in our department including a very popular programming club where you explore the field of robotics and can even have a go at building your own robots to take part in an Invictus robot wars competition! We also have a well-established Digital Ambassador group in our school who take responsibility for online safety and support students with any technical issues’ students may have.

The computing department is an exciting and invigorating place to be and we can’t wait for you to become a part of it and begin your learning in our subject. See you in September!


Virtual Tour – DR

Activities and Resources

Year 6 Induction Task- Computing

Welcome to Dance

Dance is just one of the exciting subjects that you will have the opportunity to learn about as part of Creative Arts at Ellowes Hall. In year Key Stage 3 you will participate in practical based Dance lessons developing your skills in performance, choreography and appreciation of dance. This will involve independent and team building skills learning set motifs and creating group choreography, as well as looking at professional dance work. The dance units that you will study are include a wide range of styles, cultures and forms of dance.

Dance at Ellowes Hall is about developing a thorough knowledge, key skills and creativity in an engaging, inclusive and fun manner! Lessons are taught in a professional Performing Arts setting in one of our studios with a sprung floor and full-length mirrors. As well as doing Dance as a lesson there are also many extra curriculum activities you can get involved in such as Dance Club, Talent Show, our annual Dance Showcase and Inter-house Dance Comp. We also have strong connections with professional Dance Artists and Companies who have visited Ellowes to work with our talented Invictus Dancers in the past such as Motionhouse Dance Company, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Rosie Kay. So, there is plenty of opportunities on offer for you in Dance at Ellowes!

Virtual Tour – X4

Unique Opportunities and Elite Experiences

Being part of a multi academy trust, the Invictus Education Trust,  means that we can offer our students countless opportunities and experiences, see below for some examples, all including students from our school!

Activities and Resources

Welcome to D of E

In 2019, more than 50 year 9 and 10 students signed up to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award as it continues to grow in popularity since being relaunched at Ellowes Hall four years ago.

The scheme is open to any young person regardless of ability, gender or background. It is run at three levels, bronze, silver and gold and all involve planning, training for and completing an expedition. This means hiking across country with groups of friends carrying all the equipment, clothing and food needed to do this.

The other activities that make up the award are volunteering in the community, improving physical fitness and developing a skill. It can be started in year 9 at bronze level or in year 10 at silver level. Gold is now run for those in year 12 and 13 across the Invictus Trust. At all levels, the aim is set personal challenges, become more independent and have great fun.

At bronze, participants spend two weekends away, hiking for two days and camping for one night. At silver, the two weekends away involve three days hiking and two nights camping. At gold level, participants also have to work with a team on a residential activity as well as completing the expeditions.

Because the award is widely recognised for the way it develops attributes such as resilience, problem-solving and team working, it can help with job, college and university applications when students are about to leave the school.

Virtual Tour – High Ropes

Welcome to Drama

Here you will explore the world of Theatre and its history. You will explore a variety of dramatic art forms, such as play texts, imagery and media. Here you will not only be a performer becoming a range of characters, but also have the opportunity to be a designer and director too! You will have the opportunity of using the lighting board and sound desk to create interesting and exciting settings for your audience.

You will learn that Drama is an essential tool in aiding you to not only make sense of the world around you, but to question and consider society’s choices too. Through your Drama lessons you will develop core values such as creativity, communication, empathy, public speaking, emotional intelligence, teamwork and performance skills. These crucial skills are essential for all future careers and will develop a lifelong love of learning.

You will also have the chance to be part of a huge amount of extra curricular opportunities that Drama and Performing Arts has to offer. Drama clubs, Talent Shows and even the School Show await you; you’ve just got to say YES!

Virtual Tour – X3

Unique Opportunities and Elite Experiences

Being part of a multi academy trust, the Invictus Education Trust,  means that we can offer our students countless opportunities and experiences, see below for some examples, all including students from our school!

Activities and Resources

Welcome to English

Hello and welcome to English! In our department you will have the opportunity to build skills that will stay with you forever! You will get to explore lots of different texts about a range of different topics and also have the chance to be creative when writing your own stories, descriptions and non-fiction texts. We love reading in the English department and will encourage you to read widely too. Don’t forget to also visit the library where there are a plethora of amazing books to choose from!

Virtual Tour – E4

Activities and Resources

Year 6 Transition English Task

Create a poster promoting your favourite book. Include images and why you love the book so much. Try and be as creative as you can as the best ones will be put up on display in the library.

Welcome to Food Technology

Virtual Tour – D6

Activities and Resources

Welcome to Geography

Welcome to the Geography department. There are currently three teachers of Geography Mrs Davies, Mrs Garbett and Mr Ming. Every week you will have two lessons of Geography during which we want to promote the human and physical characteristics of places across the world that make our planet unique. Your lessons will enable you to be confident to understand and ask questions about the world that you live in and how it might change in the future. We have set you some independent Geography work about your local area to complete over the summer which can be incorporated into your daily family walks. We look forward to finally meeting you properly soon.

Virtual Tour – M6

Welcome to History

Welcome to the history department. There are currently four teachers of history Miss Jones, Mr Horton, Mr Hawthorne and Mr Allen. Every week you will have two lesson of history covering a wide range of topics such as the Normans, The Tudors, Slavery and both World Wars.

We have set you some independent history work about your own family. Speak to older relatives about jobs, interests and facts about the history of your ancestors . Be creative with your designs.  We look forward to finally meeting you properly soon.

Virtual Tour – H2

Welcome to Maths

Welcome to maths department. There are currently eight teachers and two mentors in the maths department. You might have met us all on open evening. We look forward to finally meeting all of you and doing some of the induction activities that we had planned for you to do in induction week. When you join us, you will have four lessons of maths. These lessons will build upon your maths knowledge from primary school. We have set you an activity booklet to have a go at over the summer. If you complete the booklet and hand it to your maths teacher, you will be entered into a prize draw. We look forward to seeing the work you complete. Have a lovely summer, stay safe and we will see you in September.

Virtual Tour – M6

Welcome to MFL

¡Hola y bienvenidos!  Bonjour et bienvenues!

Welcome to the languages department. You will study either French or Spanish and continue with this language for your time in school. We want you to enjoy communicating in the language and we do lots of interactive activities in lessons.  You will learn lots of vocabulary and grammar to understand how the language is put together. We will practise speaking, writing, listening and reading in French or Spanish too through varied activities.We will also learn about what life is like in the countries where French and Spanish are spoken.

¡ Adiós! Au revoir!

Virtual Tour – L2

Activities and Resources


Ellowes students have been tasked to make  ‘language stones/ rocks’  for the Year 6s to find. These are stones/ little rocks with a word/ a sentence in another language/ a fun fact about a different country / a picture that represents another country or a nice quote. You need to see how many rocks/ stones they can find! You can take a photo or make a note of what they found, and If they also want to join in and make some, that would be amazing!

Please make sure to put them in sensible/safe places in their local community.

Welcome to Music

In your music lessons at Ellowes Hall School, you will learn to play a range of instruments, create your own music and learn about composers and musical traditions around the world. There are several choirs and instrumental clubs for you to join, as well as a composition club where you can experiment with creating your own music. We also put together a musical production with the rest of the Performing Arts Team which is really exciting! Watch the video to see a sneak preview of our productions and to find out more about our competition for Year 6s only!!

Virtual Tour – X1/ X2

Unique Opportunities and Elite Experiences

Being part of a multi academy trust, the Invictus Education Trust,  means that we can offer our students countless opportunities and experiences, see below for some examples, all including students from our school!

Additional Information

Welcome to PE

The PE department at Ellowes Hall Sports College has an outstanding reputation locally, regionally and nationally. We enjoy success at all of levels in competitive sports. The department boasts high quality provision in a comprehensive range of activities and the sporting opportunities for students, extend well beyond the school curriculum.

The PE curriculum promotes teamwork, decision making, self-confidence, leadership skills and most of all enjoyment of physical activity. Students will explore and develop their ability in the three categories of invasion games, net/wall games and individual sports.

We aim to promote in our students the belief that a healthy and active lifestyle often is the foundation for an enriched and successful life.

As a Sports College, we are blessed with outstanding sports facilities. A large sportshall, 4G astroturf pitches, a swimming pool and expansive sports fields. Please feel free take a virtual tour of our facilities to see for yourself!

Virtual Tour – PE

Sports Hall

Sports Field

Floodlit AstroTurf

Swimming Pool

Unique Opportunities and Elite Experiences

Being part of a multi academy trust, the Invictus Education Trust,  means that we can offer our students countless opportunities and experiences, see below for some examples, all including students from our school!

Activities and Resources

Welcome to Religious Education

Virtual Tour – H4

Welcome to Science

Here in Science we cannot wait for you to arrive in September. You will have 4 Science lessons per week and this will increase the further you go up the school. When you arrive you will start with the topic ‘working scientifically’ which covers how to do a practical carefully and scientifically. This will include how to use the Science equipment including how to light a Bunsen burner.

Throughout your time here at Ellowes you will learn lots of things in Science including small things such what are atoms  to large things such as what is in Space. In your Science lessons we hope to help you to understand the world around you from how trees work to how you can calculate gravity by doing as many different experiments as we can.

Because we like doing experiments so much we have set up a competition for you to video yourself doing a Science experiment at home and sending it in to us. We would love to see what Science you have been up to before you see us in September. There are prizes for the best video.

Hope you have a great Summer and see you in September.

Virtual Tour – S4

Activities and Resources

Science Transition Work

We would like you to complete a science experiment at home using household equipment. You will need to video yourselves carrying it out and send it in. We are looking for imagination and some good Science. There will be prizes for the best ones! Here are a few sites you can use:

Welcome to SEND

Hello and welcome to Ellowes Hall SEND Department!

We offer students and parents the opportunity to access additional support, so you can develop skills, and excel throughout your journey at Ellowes Hall Sports College. Sometimes, we all need a little extra help to make sure that our understanding is clear, so we can become subject experts! This is where SEND is able to assist, with a range of interventions and support to provide a super skills boost, and build your confidence.

You may wish to try some of our activities in this section, which give you an insight into our Nurture,    Literacy, Spelling, and Numeracy provisions.

We hope you enjoy the tasks and virtual school tour; look forward to meeting you soon.

Virtual Tour – SEND

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