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Numeracy, along with literacy, needs to be at the core of every pupil’s learning. At Ellowes Hall Sports College we aim to work together across all subjects to ensure that our learners develop and apply their knowledge and skill with number and mathematical concepts. We work hard to ensure that methods taught in mathematics lessons are delivered in a consistent manner across the curriculum.


Our fundamental aims in Numeracy are:
• To develop a sense of confidence and positivity when working with number.
• To understand mental strategies and use them to successfully break down questions.
• To work in a systematic or logical manner to forge a path through a given problem.
• To develop and enhance a ‘mathematical toolkit’ of knowledge and skill.
• To apply the skills used in statistics and graphing, shape and space, ratio and proportion consistently across all subjects.


Mathematics lessons follow a ‘spiral curriculum’ – continually returning to concepts and moving them on further, to allow learners to revise and improve their knowledge and skill. We have a well-established system of assessment, support and guidance for those who need extra help, at every level of ability. We also believe that the input parents/carers can play in supporting this is vital, getting children to add up shopping bills, calculate times of arrival on journeys, average speeds, looking at charts and tables in articles/news items etc are all vital in developing skills and confidence in numeracy.
At Ellowes Hall Sports College we have a calculations policy which is shared with the other Invictus Schools. This has been developed with primary schools to ensure we act on and follow the methods students have been taught previously, developing them where necessary.