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Class of 2021 Show Superb Resilience with GCSE Results

The class of 2021 have performed better than expected despite the detrimental impact of school closure throughout the pandemic and subsequent cancellation of formal examinations

The gruelling process of deliberating results for students in year 11 has shown the resilience of the class of 2021 who have outperformed their predecessors despite an intense assessment programme. They have really set the benchmark for subsequent years!

English and Maths have again helped our students to perform above the national average (of 2019) with 64% of students achieving a grade 4 and above in English and Maths in both of these core subjects, helping progression to post 16.

A special mention to the following students who have gone on to achieve on average two grades better than expected in each of their subjects:

o Thomas Howell

o Alex Westbury

o Owen Bradley

o Daniel Caddick

o Phoebe Roper

o Keira Gayle

o Charlie Bennett

o Isabelle Marr

o Lauren Thompson

o Emily Nock

o Millie Hyde

A huge congratulations to the following students that achieved the highest accolade of grade 9s

in 3 or more subjects:

o Lauren Thompson

o Joseph Chapman

o Emily Steventon

o Freya Hassell

A special mention is made to Gerard Orozo-Pilares who completed his GCSE Spanish a year early.

Carla Leslie, Headteacher

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