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Ellowes GCSE Results Success!

Pictured: Claire Parker, Xioa Wang, Lewis Howell,

Ellowes Hall students, staff and governors are celebrating a fantastic set of well-deserved grades as the country returns to external examinations for the first time in three years.

In spite of the barriers that we have encountered, we are so proud to announce that our students have really risen to the challenge and shown resilience to obtain an impressive set of results.

A quarter of students achieved a grade 7 or above in English with 8 of those students achieving a grade 9

Over a third of our cohort achieved at least 1 grade 7 across their subjects

Two thirds of our students met the benchmark in both English and Maths (grade 4 and above in both) in addition 20 of those students went on to achieve a 7 plus in English and Maths.

13 students achieved a grade 7 or above in all of their subjects

5 students achieved a grade 9 in Maths

Special mention goes to:

- Leah Higgs with 8 grade 9’s

- Claire Parker with 7 grade 9’s

- Xiao Wang & Alex Smith with 6 grade 9’s

- Joseph Lowke with 2 grade 8’s and a grade 9 despite breaking his leg to two places during exam season!

- Georgia Cowdell Smith, Leah Woodhall, Kyle Doman and Isabel Evans who have achieved above their expected targets by at least 2 grades in their subjects

We would like to congratulate our senior prefect team (Joe Paddock, Rebecca West, Angelina Jassell, Beth Whitehouse, Kyle Doman) for not only supporting the school throughout the year in their duties, but also leading the way and being true role models, each achieving very high positive progress against their high targets.

We would like to our staff for their hard work and dedication to help achieve this fantastic set of results!

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