School Life

Pupil Support

The school continues to extend and enhance the services and support that it offers our students through the Student Support Centre.

The Student Support Centre aims to ensure full entitlement and access for all students to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

We aim to provide teaching and support programmes to meet the needs of a number of students who for one reason or another find it difficult to access the curriculum or to integrate into mainstream classes. This may include those students who have suffered bereavement or are experiencing some sort of personal challenge. Others may have had a prolonged absence from school or be new to the school and need a period of induction. Students can access the Student Support Centre for specific help with curriculum subjects.

We have a drop-in centre which gives students access to important local services offered by Connexions, the Community Police, the School Counsellor and the School Health Advisor. Students needing information, advice or support from any of these agencies will, as the name suggests, be able to ‘drop in’ and have a chat with them. It also provides a pleasant environment in which parents can meet with Support Centre staff and with staff from external agencies.