Sporting Aptitude

We now select 10% of students based on sporting aptitude, even if you live outside of our catchment area. This is judged through an optional sporting aptitude test conducted as part of our admissions process.

Rationale behind admission by Sporting Aptitude

Over the past 15 years we have been designated as a Sports College. A key aim of the sporting specialism has always been to extend the Gifted and Talented students, which we excel in for BTEC grades and sports leadership. Over the past four years we have created an Alpha Programme. We have developed a sporting pathway for gifted and talented students to advance their skill and fitness levels beyond the offerings of the classroom.  Our genuine strive for sporting practical excellence is now a realistic proposition. We can boast a range of advanced sporting facilities and can support the elite athletes with individual mentoring and access to the technical knowledge of experts.

As a Specialist Sports College we are able to select up to 10% of our intake on Sporting Aptitude to create our very own ALPHA group.

The ALPHA group will follow a specialised sports programme which will advance both their physical and academic achievement. The sessions will take place in extended school hours and will consist of a variety of advanced coaching sessions to cover sports psychology, physiology and skill acquisition.

How to Apply

There will be an informative presentation on Admission by Sporting Aptitude, by Mr. J. Connor, Head of PE, during our Open Evening on Thursday 3rd October 2019.

Step One
Complete a Booking Form and return to Mr J.Connor Head of PE) at Ellowes Hall Sports College before Friday 4th October 2019.

Step Two
Students participate in the Sporting Aptitude Tests on Saturday 12th October 2019 (see details below).

Step Three
Complete the Supplementary Form and return a copy to the school and the Local Authority with your application before End of October 2019.

Step Four
Parents and schools notified of the results of applications on the start of March 2020. 

Aptitude Tests

Physical Ability

The five tests are:

  • T-Test – Agility
  • 10m Sprint – Speed
  • Standing Broad Jump – Power and Leg Strength
  • Ball Throw – Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Target Throw – Balance, Strength and Decision Making

Not only will we be ranking students based on their sporting aptitude (physical ability) but also their cognitive, social, creative and personal ability.

  • Cognitive (thinking) abilityis shown in their knowledge and understanding of Physical Education
  • Social abilityis the basis of leadership and teamwork
  • Personal abilityis the capacity for self-regulation, self-belief and commitment
  • Creative abilityis evidenced when a learner responds to challenges and tasks with fluency and originality