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Since Sports College designation, Ellowes Hall has continually looked at the way it promotes a healthy lifestyle to its students.


Sport continues to be a growing business and an attractive vocation for many students at Ellowes Hall and we achieve significant success with 100% BTEC Sport students achieving distinction level in 2019. We have successfully extended our BTEC programme to include the BTEC First award for Sport as well as the BTEC National Award and National Certificate in Sport and Exercise Science.


The Btec Sport awards at both Key Stage Four and Five provide the student with a depth of knowledge and skills in a range of sporting fields. The awards are well respected by universities and colleges and are increasingly offered by schools across the UK. Students who achieve success have a well-founded platform for a career in a variety of vocations. Recent sixth formers have embarked on careers in the more clinical areas of physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition to careers in education, coaching, sports and event management.


We proudly boast a team of specialist PE staff who can teach a multitude of sports to a high standard. Last year, the range of provision covered over 32 sports with links to a variety of external clubs/coaches. This allows us to offer a broad, yet balanced, Key Stage Three curriculum that engages all students. Our Key Stage Four curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities and qualifications including, Pool Lifeguard, First Aid and National Governing Body coaching awards.


The opportunities for students in extended school sports clubs is essential to promoting enrichment at Ellowes Hall. Our aim is to maximise participation for all students and provide a range of sporting experiences that may well plant the seed for a healthy lifestyle beyond their school years.


Healthy Schools


Since designation, Ellowes Hall has continually looked at the way it promotes a healthy lifestyle to its students. This has led to a dedicated team of staff and students working together to ensure the school promotes physical and emotional health by equipping pupils with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health.


In July 2008 Ellowes Hall Sports College was awarded the local and National Healthy Schools status under the new accreditation criteria which centre around four major themes: physical activity; healthy eating; emotional health and well being; and personal, social and health education.


Sports Curriculum