Oversubscribed for September 2020!

Ellowes Hall Sports College welcomes students from Dudley, South Staffs and other neighbouring boroughs.

For information about joining our waiting list please email

Please include the full name of the student(s), their current school/year and the school or schools you are interested in enrolling at. We are currently oversubscribed at Ellowes but we have limited availability for September 2020 at some of our other Invictus Schools, although you do need to get in touch immediately.

We  look forward to welcoming current year 5 children to our school for our 2021 Open Evenings very soon. Other admissions details are shown below:


The Admissions Authority is the Governing Body responsible for determining the admission arrangements for entry to the school. In accordance with regulations, the Local Authority will co-ordinate applications for this school and allocate places on behalf of the Governing Body in line with our Admission Policy.

The published admission number for the school is 220. The Governing Body may agree to admit further students above this number if it feels it will not prejudice the provision of efficient education and the efficient use of resources. Where it is not possible to agree to any further admissions, applicants will be given information regarding the independent appeals process.

For further information regarding school admissions please refer to ‘A Parents’ Guide to Secondary School Admissions’ which can be found at

To arrange a visit to the school, contact Reception. A set time is arranged which will be available for school visits for prospective parents.

The visit will provide an opportunity to see the school at work and for you to ask any questions you may have. You are welcome to bring your child with you and we would normally arrange for you to be taken around the school by one of our students. A member of the Senior Team of Staff will be available to answer your questions afterwards.

Important! We now select 10% of our students based on sporting aptitude (even if you live outside of our catchment area).

Please click here for more information on our Sporting Aptitude programme