School Life


At Ellowes Hall we realise that the transition from primary school to secondary school can be a difficult one.

There are three important strands to our transition strategy:

  • Induction
  • Curriculum provision
  • Tutorial support and home-school links

Induction Week

Towards the end of the summer term our incoming Year 7s spend a full week at Ellowes Hall. As well as familiarising themselves with the site, they also experience a variety of lessons and meet most of the staff who will be teaching them in September. At Ellowes we feel this is an important and exciting development for Primary School pupils which allays many of the fears about secondary school and allows Year 7 pupils to make a better start in September.


L2seven / L2eight is a central feature of the Year 7/8 curriculum provision. It was designed to ensure a smooth transition between primary and secondary school. The course brings together a team of specialist teachers to plan, organise and deliver a programme for your child to develop a variety of skills – primarily connected to ICT, learning and study skills, research skills PSHE/Citizenship. Part of the course involves students working on L2, a specialised course designed to help students develop as independent learners.

Home-School Links

On arrival, your child joins a tutor group and the intention is that the same tutor will support your child throughout their entire school life. Each tutor group consists of students from all year groups and will have 5 or 6 Year 7s; 5 or 6 Year 8s and so on. This allows tutors to focus on whichever year group has particular demands depending on the stage of the school year. In September, therefore, each tutor can concentrate on the induction of 5 or 6 students (rather between 25 and 30). As explained elsewhere, this tutor will be your first point of contact. In early October, this tutor will contact you with a brief summary of how your child is settling in and you will be invited in to discuss the first month. Parents often have insights that are well worth sharing!