School Life

Tutorial Support

In a typical secondary school, children can be taught by up to ten staff every week.

It is important that someone retains an overall view of how each child is progressing in his or her various subjects. We do this by allocating a personal tutor to children who will monitor their progress right throughout their school life.

This tutor will be your main point of contact. You and your child will be invited to take part in regular consultation meetings with your child’s tutor. These meetings will last approximately 30 minutes where the child’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed and an action plan drawn up identifying how continued high levels of progress can be made. Directors of Faculty are also available to discuss subject specific issues.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your child’s school life, then early contact with the tutor is essential. Similarly, the tutor will periodically contact home to give parents a brief update.

In October of your child’s first term in school there will be an opportunity to discuss with your child’s tutor how your child is ‘settling in’. At this meeting there will also be information presented on the demands of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 3, the support your child will receive and how you as parents, can help your child succeed.

During the year you will receive an interim report and a full report—the latter being supported by a parent tutor meeting the following evening. You are also invited to use our online Learning Platform, Ello, which allows you to view instant reports for your child, including their attendance, behaviour and predicted results. If at any time you wish to see one of your child’s teachers, or they want to see you, this can be arranged via the tutor.