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ALPHA Is Ellowes Halls very own sporting specialism programme. Alpha is an elite sporting programme offered at Ellowes . This programme allows us to be selective in our intake, where we accept 5% of students based on their sporting aptitude. This is especially important as our school is over subscribed.

The programme is designed to nurture talent and support our students sporting success but more importantly academic success.  We truly believe that there is a strong correlation between truly gifted and talented PE students and academic success. Both require the identical skills set: determination, perseverance, high motivation and focus, organisation and certain amount of talent. To be selective onto the Alpha programme students need to complete a series of tests these assess different abilities and sporting aptitude.

Ellowes Hall is a school where we really drive success both sporting and academic but more importantly we generally care and take an interest in our students.  The Alpha programme ensures that the students find a good balance between their performance levels in both sport and studies without any detrimental effects to their health and emotional well-being.


Alpha Programme

At Ellowes this is just a flavour of what our students get:

Guest speakers to deliver master classes & workshops

  • Targeted extra-curricular provision.

  • Offsite visits to sporting venues.

  • Special tutor support

  • Priority provision for Invictus Sport

  • A friendship group of like-minded individuals 

  • Specialist Alpha PE kit.

  • Alpha nutrition in school. (Special menu) - Click here for sample menu

  • Recognition and this being shared on our social media platforms.

  •  Photo shoot

  • Pin Badge

  • Tie

  • Specific extracurricular programme

  • Exclusive trips and experiences

  • School sports representation

  • Gifted and talented recognition

  • Club links with local teams

What we ask: 

  • Always bring kit

  • Always participate fully

  • Be above target grade

  • Support the department

  • Be polite to all staff

  • Respect facilities

  • Be a role model

  • Participate in extra curricular

  • Support the teacher

  • Support each other.


Not only will we be ranking students based on their sporting aptitude (physical ability) but also their cognitive, social, creative and personal ability. Cognitive (thinking) ability is shown in their knowledge and understanding of Physical Education

Social ability is the basis of leadership and teamwork

Personal ability is the capacity for self-regulation, self-belief and commitment

Creative ability is evidenced when a learner responds to challenges and tasks with fluency

Interested in joining our unique programme?

Contact Miss Hatton - Assistant Headteacher-


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