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Assessment at Ellowes Hall School is productive and conducive of the learning that takes place. We ensure that assessment is done to support learning, and used to recognise strengths and weaknesses found along the way throughout a curriculum journey. We ensure that when gaps in knowledge or misconceptions are found, we adapt our teaching to focus on these areas. Assessment is aligned to subject knowledge and the skills needed to be successful in all subject areas that we teach here at Ellowes Hall School and in all year groups.

Teachers use a range of assessment techniques to analyse performance and to support development in each subject area. Daily teachers can be seen assessing performance and understanding in the classroom and ensuring their practices are adapted to get the very best from each student. We are committed to the highest standard of knowledge being imparted and understood by our students in all year groups, and this level of assessment ensures that this can take place.

We also have a comprehensive quizzing programme that we regularly use at key stage three. These quizzes feature questions that align with the knowledge that has been deemed as essential over the course of a unit or topic. These quizzes are interactive for students and allow for self-regulation of performance as they are marked instantly using an online programme. These quizzes are a consistent feature across all subject areas at key stage three and allow for analysis of an individual, a piece of knowledge, a subject or group. Our internal tracking of each quiz allow for an in depth look at performance over a period of time and not just at a singular moment in a student’s term. Using a sophisticated dashboard we can quickly see areas of strength and weakness, performance over time and across subjects, all of which is then productively used in the classroom to continue to strive for a very high level of knowledge and understanding through our teaching and learning principles.

Reporting to parents at key stage three takes into consideration the performance across these quizzes over time and gives an accumulative average score. This average is aligned to prior attainment averages also, to allow parents an easy and quick comparison of how their child is performing against the average of their peers.

An example of these quizzes can be found here:

Assessment at Key Stage 4 has a formal element alongside the daily routines as outlined above. It is important that as students enter key stage 4, they have time to adopt the routines and expectations of formal examinations attune to GCSEs. At three points throughout each year, students in year 10 and 11 will complete formal based mock examinations, most of which will take place in our Sports Hall in exam conditions.

Year 10 Exams are: November, February and June

Year 11 Exams are: October, January and March

Students receive an exam timetable two weeks before exams take place and time will be spent both in assemblies, tutor time and teaching time to help students prepare for these assessments.

All performance in these mock examinations are recorded as a GCSE grade and students receive a detailed question by question performance analysis to help support development in time for future examinations.

The most recent Year 10  mock exam timetable can be found here:

The most recent Year 11  mock exam timetable can be found here:

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