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Code of Conduct


Effective Learning can only take place if we the school operates as a civilised community


In order to share understanding of what is and is not acceptable, a code of conduct has been drawn up. This code, setting expectations of conduct and behaviour that are based on courtesy, consideration and high morale standards, has been agreed by representative students, the governing body and by all teaching and support staff. These expectations apply to staff, governors and visitors as well as to students.


Life for everyone at Ellowes Hall Sports College will be happy and rewarding if:

  • We are considerate, courteous and cooperative

  • We accept full responsibility for our own actions

  • We are punctual and use time wisely

  • We respect other people and their values and ideas

  • We are tolerant of individual difference and try to appreciate the viewpoints of others

  • We respect the property of the school and of other people

  • We keep the environment tidy by disposing of litter properly

  • We remember that we all want to learn and that teachers want to teach

  • We make appropriate use of the facilities available

  • We understand that bullying of any form of violent or threatening behaviour is never acceptable

  • We realise that offensive language should never be used

  • We always consider the health and safety of others and ourselves

  • We know that Ellowes Hall Sports College is a non-smoking site and smoking is forbidden

  • We only eat in the dining areas and do not bring chewing gum or cans to school


Ellowes Hall considers it is important that praise and rewards should have a considerable emphasis and pupils will thus achieve recognition for a positive contribution to school life. This might be for classwork and effort or good behaviour. Informal rewards such as praise is given by class teachers or tutors whenever appropriate. Formal rewards are given through the merit system. This is designed to enable all students achieve recognition for what they do in school and receive certificates, badges and exchange their merits for other items.


Most incidents will be dealt with in a short, sharp manner and will be resolved without the need for further action. Sometimes sanctions become necessary. In the first instance these will be administered by the member of staff concerned. These sanctions include: Detentions (Parents are informed automatically by text message where a detention is set), removing graffiti or cleaning up litter if appropriate, or working in isolation.


Code of Conduct