Special Education Needs

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Ellowes Hall Sports College’s Sunflower Centre is a dedicated Inclusion Department which facilitates SEND provision. The department is overseen by Miss C. Flavell, Acting SENCo, who is responsible for students identified as having SEND, medical conditions which may impact on daily routines, and learners of English as an additional language (EAL). SEND’s allocated Senior Lead is Miss S. Jones, Assistant Head.


At Ellowes Hall Sports College we value the achievements of all, setting meaningful and challenging targets to ensure our students understand that anything is possible. We are committed to providing effective support and believe the promotion of inclusivity is vital in meeting the needs of young people who have SEND.

The Inclusion team promotes the importance of equal opportunities, enabling students who have SEND to engage in the curriculum within mainstream classes, so they are able to seek and seize opportunities, alongside their peers. This guiding principle corresponds with the SEND Code of Practice, 2015,  which stipulates all class and subject teachers are responsible for meeting a young person’s SEND, via the deliverance of Quality First Teaching (QFT).


To assist in meeting additional needs, the staff at Ellowes Hall Sports College think and act collaboratively, adopting a whole school approach to SEND. Our dedicated Inclusion team offer expert advice, to enhance QFT with SEND strategies, tailored to meet individual needs.

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