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Year 9 Curriculum Options

At Ellowes Hall Sports College, our curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced and our learning experience puts students first. We believe that all students have an entitlement to engage with powerful knowledge and cultural capital, learning to respect the best of what has been written and said. In Year 9, all students have the opportunity to steer their educational journey by choosing subjects that they wish to study. This is a very important time. 

The core curriculum (Key Stage 4) that all students study at Ellowes Hall Sports College includes:


- English Language

- English Literature

- Maths

- Double Science

- Humanities (History or Geography)

In addition to the six qualifications listed above (Double Science is equivalent of two GCSEs), students have a free choice of three additional subjects from three option blocks. We think this is a great opportunity for students to focus on subjects they enjoy and which may be beneficial for future careers.

The key criteria students should use when picking a subject is that they enjoy it. The more students love the subjects they take, the more work they will put in, and the better they will achieve. It is however, important to consider future career options. For example, if a student wanted to take Computer Studies at A-level they would need to have studied it at GCSE, this is the case for many A-level subjects.

For most students, and particularly those that find it difficult to demonstrate their full ability in formal examinations, we recommend they choose at least one subject that is largely examined through controlled assessment work, such as BTEC Sport, Enterprise, Health and Social Care, Child Development, Engineering, Performing Arts, DT, Art, Music or Food.

In addition to the study of these eight qualifications, students will also continue to study practical PE and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) during curriculum time. Religious Studies, citizenship and careers related learning will also be delivered through assemblies, tutor time and personal development opportunities.

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