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Performing Arts

Performing Arts Programme – ‘Limelight’


The Performing Arts Programme (Limelight) at Ellowes Hall, is designed to develop talented and hardworking Music, Dance and Drama students into high achieving, inspirational and confident performers.


As a member of the ‘Limelight’ Programme our experienced Performing Arts staff will endeavor to develop your leadership opportunities as a Performing Arts Ambassador and rely upon your commitment to our extra-curricular clubs and workshops.


Students who become part of the programme have access to:


  • Specialist one to one instrumental tuition

  • Specialist Performing Arts Block with excellent resources and space

  • Music trips to both popular and classical venues

  • Senior positions/roles within school productions

  • Performance opportunities within the community

  • Recording Studio experience

  • Theatre pit band experience



  • State of the art Drama Studio and Theatre

  • Professional theatre troupe workshops

  • Broken Leg Theatre Company for the gifted and talented

  • Technical theatre and lighting experience

  • Trips to visit professional theatres

  • Costume stores

  • Whole school productions



  • Specialist dance studio with mirrored wall and lighting

  • Opportunity to compete in dance competitions

  • Specialist training from an industry professional

  • Attend professional workshops

  • Cover all genres of dance

  • Perform in the Primary Dance Festival

  • Expand skills in own choreography


“If you don't have shadows, you're not in the light.” Lady Gaga


For more information, contact a member of the Performing Arts Team:

Performing Arts Ambassador

Selected students will get the opportunity to apply to become a Performing Arts Ambassador.

This is the badge students will get:

Performing Arts Ambassador.png
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