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Curriculum Visions & Values

Our Curriculum Vision and Values

Every day, in every way, our students at Ellowes Hall come first. Our students are the most important part of our school and we not only want them to achieve great academic success, we want them to be able to take their place in the world with confidence, passion and the tools to succeed in life beyond the classroom. We want our curriculum to enable our students to Learn Without Limits!

We know that the key to a delivering an effective, high-quality education for our students is through our curriculum; we’re passionate about curriculum here at Ellowes and believe that good learning means knowing and remembering more.

Over the past two years, our staff have been on a relentless yet exciting journey to design a curriculum that we’re proud of and, most importantly, one that is right for our students who deserve nothing less than the very best.

Our Ellowes Eight Curriculum Principles have become the driving force behind our new curriculum model and we believe that these principles are the engine room of our curriculum design, which places knowledge at its heart.

Ellowes 8.png

Our Curriculum Intention

At Ellowes Hall, our learning experience puts students first. We believe that all students have an entitlement to engage with powerful knowledge and cultural capital, learning to respect the best of what has been written and said. Our curriculum is exciting and engaging, asking students to become agile thinkers and to have imagination. Our curriculum always has an eye on the future, placing skills moral purpose and employability in sharp focus.


Put simply, we’re proud that our curriculum is;




Real-world Relevant

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