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We are currently on our journey to be a much greener school and are in the early stages of the Eco-Schools ‘Seven Steps Process’ and have an ambition to apply for the Eco-Schools Green Flag.


We have a team of students who have started work with some staff and we are open to further volunteers who wish to join and become Eco-Ambassadors, and make our school a greener place.  We are in the early stages of lowering our carbon footprint and over the last 12 months we have taken part in many community litter picks supporting the national ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign.


“As Eco Ambassadors, we aim to make the school eco-friendlier and one of our recent goals is to attain the Green Flag Award. Our initial three targets are to reduce energy by turning off the lights, increase the amount of paper recycled and growing our own fruit and veg. So far, we have put signs up to remind others to turn off the lights when classrooms are not being used and are currently organising the recycling bins that are to be put in classrooms and around the school. Furthermore, we are planning the plantation of fruit and veg and where this will take place. We feel that making the school more eco-friendly would help improve the atmosphere in school and would certainly reduce waste” – A Jassell (Y11 Eco Ambassador)

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Coming into the better weather the Eco Ambassadors have moved their activities outdoors. In recent weeks the team have tidied up the greenhouse and planted tomatoes, pumpkins and runner beans.

The long neglected memorial garden is also getting a makeover, with Mr Lakin joining the team and his help, they have planted raspberries, potatoes, blueberries and gooseberries.

We hope that in the near future we will have a supply of summer fruits and vegetables for the school kitchen.

Eco Ambassadors making paper recycling boxes for every classroom.jpg

Eco Ambassadors Making Paper Recycling Boxes For Every Classroom

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