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We will shortly be introducing a new payment system for School Dinners


All children and young people need the right balance of food and nutrients to grow and develop. School meals at Ellowes Hall are low in fat, sugar and salt and are balanced, healthy and nutritious. About half of students elect to purchase hot meals from the school. All meals are paid for at the time of serving with cash, a system that we are now beginning to phase out.


Your child will be given an ‘Ellowes Card’. This card can be used like a debit card, where money can be added to the card and used for payment for school meals. This brings significant advantages for students and parents:

  • No more searching for loose change in the morning

  • There is no risk of students losing their dinner money

  • The risk of bullying and theft is significantly reduced

  • Students are not tempted to spend their dinner money on sweets and chips on the way to/from school

  • Easy topping up of cards either online or at School Reception.

  • Faster serving times for students as there’s no cash or change to count


Parents and carers can top up an Ellowes Card online by credit/debit card, through a PayPal account or in cash at the School Reception. For even more convenience, cards can be automatically topped up by Direct Debit, which can be done online. All online payments are made through Ello, our learning platform.


There are no additional costs for parents or students – there are no charges for either using or topping up your child’s card and the card will be provided free of charge.


 Ellowes Cards are based on the same technology as contactless credit/debit cards and are completely secure. Cards have photos printed on them, and when used for payment the checkout operator is shown your child’s photograph on screen for confirmation. Cards that are lost or stolen can be disabled and replaced immediately.


School Dinners