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Our Three Principles

What are our three principles?

At Ellowes Hall Sports College we adopt three principles; three golden life lessons to give every student the best possible opportunities for success, happiness and development.

Ellowes Values 2[1].png

Be Respectful

To show respect to all and everything around us is a real valuable asset. It highlights humility, exemplary manners and dignity.  Something we expect from all of our students, staff and parents.

Ellowes Values 1[2].png

Be Proud

To be proud is to be proud of yourselves, your peers, your school and your community. We expect our students to be proud in all aspects of their lives.

Ellowes Values 3[1].png

Learn without Limits

To learn without limits is to have no barriers or ceiling to what can be achieved. Giving your best at all times is what we expect from our students.

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