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Your career journey at Ellowes Hall Sports College

Your career journey will start during the transition stage from Year 6 to Year 7 – your first career choice is choosing your secondary school!  You will receive plenty of support from our Year 7 Transition Team and will also receive guidance from your Tutor and your ACHIEVE teacher.  All careers education is studied within your ACHIEVE lessons and you will receive one lesson per week from Year 7 to Year 11.


You will select your options in Year 9 in order to start studying for your GCSE’s in Year 10.  You will be well prepared via your ACHIEVE lessons and will receive extra guidance in the form of assemblies, talks and parents’ evenings.


The final stage in your career journey is deciding what to do after you leave school – your post-16 options.  Again, you will be well prepared and supported via your ACHIEVE lessons and the Tutor system.


Your career journey is documented within your ‘Future Plans’ page on Ello that is available for parents and Tutors to view too.  You are encouraged to update it regularly and will be given time during your careers lessons to do so as it is a valuable tool in helping you make career choices.



Careers Ambassadors

We have several Careers Ambassadors whose job it is to support and develop the careers education programme alongside the Careers Coordinator.  The Ambassadors are available for students to talk to as they can offer help and point others in the right direction.  Should you wish to be a Careers Ambassador, please contact the Careers Coordinator.



Career exploration

As you will know from your ACHIEVE lessons, you are encouraged to explore careers and pathways independently.  There are some links below should you wish to use them:


Using your Start Profile:

Exploring careers via the National Careers Service:

Understanding apprenticeships:

Finding apprenticeships:

Further and higher education information:  

Thinking ahead to university:


Students can also gain information about various pathways from this useful guide:

Students with SEND

If you are a student with SEND, you will receive extra support and guidance in ACHIEVE lessons, from your Tutor, from our Independent Careers Advisers and from our SEND Department.  Below are some booklets that you may find useful:



Work experience

All students in Year 10 will partake in one week of work experience during the spring term.  You will have several ACHIEVE lessons at the end of Year 9 in order to plan and prepare for securing a placement.  You are given packs to take home and share with parents so that they are involved in the process.  You are expected to have secured a placement independently by the October half-term in Year 10 so that the school has time to complete the necessary risk assessment in sufficient time.  If a new pack is needed, please contact the Work Experience Coordinator.




Independent Careers Advice

Mrs Lawson is the school Career Adviser who interviews all Year 11 students and provides specialist advice.  She has worked with us for many years and has a vast knowledge of careers in the local area.  Students and parents can contact Mrs Lawson by email for advice and guidance.


You can also access the support of Dudley Connexions, the local authority careers service.  Again, we have an Independent Careers Adviser who works with us and who can support you when you need it.  You can also contact Connexions directly at:

Careers Convention

Each year, we host a Careers Convention for our Year 11 students.  The aim of the event is to expose you to various career paths and to provide you with information should you wish to follow that path.  A variety of providers are invited from higher education establishments, to apprenticeship providers, to employers who offer training routes.  The purpose is to encourage you and provider/employer engagement in order to raise aspirations.  Parents are also invited school should they wish to discuss pathways with providers.







Labour Market Information (LMI)

Looking at the local labour market information can be useful as it provides data on industries and careers that are growing or declining.  This may influence your choices about pathways to choose, for example a career in an up-and-coming industry will have many more opportunities than one without.  The guide below explains more: