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Ellowes Hall Sports College GCSE Results – A Day of Celebrations!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Students at Ellowes Hall Sports College in Dudley have been celebrating their much-anticipated GCSE results today. After an anxious wait, there were lots of smiling faces as students received their GCSE grades.

Mr Rogers, Headteacher, said: “My congratulations go to all of the students receiving their exam results today. It has been fantastic to see so many talented, hard-working, young people celebrating their achievements and looking forward to the exciting future that awaits them.”

Amongst the outstanding individual achievements, Imogen Hale Fellows and Isabelle Jukes have both been commended for their impressive results. With a total of 14 Grade 9s and two Grade 8s between them, the talented students achieved total scores of 89.5 and 88 out of 90 respectively.

Other top performers included:

  • Jo – 1 x Grade 9, 2 x Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s

  • Owen – 1x Grade 9, 1 x Grade 8, 6 x Grade 7s

  • Dan – 1 x Grade 9, 2 x Grade 8s, 3 x Grade 7s

  • James – 2 x Grade 9, 3 x Grade 8s, 2 x Grade 7s

  • Coral – 4 x Grade 8s

  • Isobel – 1 x Grade 9, 3 x Grade 8s

  • Ellie – 2 x Grade 9s, 2 x Grade 8s, 1 x Grade 7

  • Sally – 4 x Grade 8s, 5 x Grade 7s

  • Sienna – 1 x Grade 9, 3 x Grade 8s, 2 x Grade 7s

Special mentions must also go to Oliver, Dan, Jaya and Lydia for their outstanding attainment, as well as Millie, Amelia and Zeeshan who all overperformed in all subjects compared to their initial targets.

Mr Rogers added: “As we celebrate these fantastic achievements today, I’d also like to thank our staff, parents and members of our wider community who have done all they can to support our students throughout their journey with us. We are so proud of them all.”

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