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Ellowes Poets Enter a National Poetry Competition

Wishing our Poet Laureates' all the luck with their entries to the National Poetry Competition for 11-18 year old. The topic they were asked to write about was 'Imagine'. Have a read of their fantastic entries!

I imagined - Kacy Leigh Foster, Year 8

At six years old,

My dreams developed,

I imagined being,

A princess, a mermaid,

Or even a fairy,

To have a crown, a costume,

Or even a wand

At 8 years old,

My dreams have changed,

I imagined being,

A vet, a hairdresser,

Or even a dancer,

To have a puppy, a tutu,

Or even some shoes

At 10 years old,

My dreams changed again,

I imagined being,

A tiktoker, an actor,

Or even a doctor,

To have a phone, a bike,

Or even some jewellery

At 12 years old,

My dreams changed again,

I imagined being,

A makeup artist, A singer,

Or even a vlogger,

To have makeup, a curling iron,

Or even a new tv

My teenage years are here,

My dreams are now a need,

I can only imagine to be,

Pretty, to be thin

To be popular at school,

To have makeup, a boyfriend,

And even to be a happy child once more

Imagine, Imagine I can’t imagine much more…

What if there were no secrets? - Ethan Watton

What if no secret was safe?

What if the things you hide could always be recovered?

What if nothing could be hidden?

No secret files,

No confidentiality,

No secrets would be left a stray

The truth would be out to slay

No thoughts or opinions,

Or memories

Are left unharmed

Because of this everyone is armed

Wars would be inevitable

Devastation would run rampage

No hope would remain,

And the truth would reign

Madness and anger would spread,

Like fire in a forest

The truth would be the danger

And lies would be the stranger

Governments would collapse

Countries would be run by fear

Cursed with sadness and famine

Just imagine…

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