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  • Tom Howes

Ellowes Tops 100 DofE Awards In One Year

More than 100 Ellowes Hall Sports College students celebrated the completion of their Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) today, marking a huge expansion of the scheme over the last year.

The Dudley school has managed to triple numbers completing the prestigious award which is highly regarded by employers and colleges for the way it develops independence, resilience and teamwork.

The 85 receiving the Bronze certificate and badge walked more than 20 miles over two days, carrying everything they needed to survive, including for an overnight camp. The 16 receiving the Silver award faced a similar challenge but they had to do it twice over three days, walking more than 50 miles in total.

DofE also involves broadening horizons and having potentially life changing experiences through volunteering in the community, developing a skill and improving physical fitness.

Assistant head teacher Miss Hatton said most schools now offer DofE to their students, but Ellowes Hall wanted to encourage those students who don’t normally consider doing it to have a go. “Overcoming the challenges involved is something that cannot be taught in the classroom which is why we felt it was so important to expand it. Today was all about celebrating the achievement of all these students.”

As well as receiving the certificates and badges, there were special prizes for those students who demonstrated the best navigation with map and compass, the best teamwork and also cooking the best meal - a Thai curry where all the spices were fresh.

This was a world away from the universally popular DofE expedition meal of a Pot Noodle in a plastic carton which is ‘cooked’ by just adding boiling water!

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