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Foooooorree! Ben Pursues Golfing Greatness!

We would like to introduce another Ellowes sporting superstar!

Ben C, YEAR 7(!??!) and member at @envillegolf Golf Club has recently began his quest to qualify for the Robert Rock Junior Golf Tour Grand Finals. The first event took place on 15th April at The Belfry and Ben finished a very respectable 7th in his age group (under 14s, Ben giving away a couple of year to some of his competitors!).

His next event on the tour is 4th June at Sandwell Golf Club.

An exceptional young golfer, Ben currently plays off a handicap of 18, to put that in perspective for any 'non-golfers'....we aren't saying Ben is the best golfer at Ellowes (which includes some VERY keen golfing staff).....but he is in the TOP ONE!

Well done Ben, good luck, and keep up the great work!

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