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Year 7 Student's First Half Term at School

Its been just over a month since we welcomed our new Year 7 students into our school and they have had a great start!

Two of our Year 7 students wanted to share with you their experience of starting Year 7 at Ellowes Hall Sports College:

Connor - Year 7 Student
At Ellowes, I have found the transition from primary school very nice. The extra-curricular opportunities are amazing, I currently do science club but I’m thinking about joining other clubs like chess club. The homework is manageable with the homework club. We only have homework for subjects like drama and history once every two weeks. One of my new favourite subjects at Ellowes is drama because we get to do class performances.

Lucy - Year 7 Student
I think I fit into my form very well and all of the people are very nice. My favourite lesson is science because we can do many experiments. There are many opportunities like clubs such as chess, maths and many more. In terms of lunch there is a different selection of food for each day of the week and I must say they provide us with very good food.
There are many great facilities at Ellowes which all students can use. We have a swimming pool, computing rooms and many more. The help from student leaders is excellent, once our class got lost but luckily for us there was a prefect around to navigate us to the right classroom. On my journey to school I personally feel safe because I live close to the school. I do walk with my friend to school and although I have a fear of crossing roads, I get better and better every day.
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