School Life


Recognising Achievement

The school always seeks to use rewards to promote good behaviour and high standards of work

The overwhelming weight of evidence supplied by educational research and backed by teachers is that high expectations produce higher standards from students in schoolwork, behaviour, manners and appearance. All staff encourage high standards from all students and are positive both in comments and giving of praise.

Our reward system is based on positive discipline but not to the extent of negative reinforcement. We aim for a healthy mix of rewarding excellence, good standards and adherence to school rules offset against the reprimand of negative, harmful behaviour. We try to ensure that hard working middle ability students are recognised for their efforts as equally as the high fliers or students with behaviour management or learning difficulties.

The school seeks to use rewards to promote good behaviour and work using the Ello positive and negative system. Any member of staff within school can award a positive or a negative onto the Ello system. Parents and guardians are always able to view these positive and negatives using Ello, and are able to discuss them with their child’s tutor.

Students are awarded merits for achievements such as exceeding a target grade, attendance of after-school activities, voluntary coaching, helping others and sustained improvement. Students are able to cash these merits in at the ‘Reward Shop’, for rewards such as cinema tickets, Ellowes Hall merchandise and MP3 players. Ellowes Hall Sports College always recognises exceptional achievement, whether through assemblies, newsletters, badges, awards or our annual Presentation Evenings.