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What is the School’s SEND Referral Process?

Teachers must ensure that QFT is applied in the first instance. Thereafter, department interventions are to be used and measured for outcomes. If a young person has failed to make progress following this process, teachers are asked to liaise with tutors, and Heads of Year, to assess whether this is a subject specific issue, or a matter experienced more widely. At this point, and with the knowledge of Heads of Year, a SEND Referral can be made via the Teacher Toolkit, which must include supporting evidence of QFT, and subject intervention strategies.

Should parents/carers feel their child has an additional need, which has yet to be identified, they should, initially, contact the relevant Head of Year, who will ensure the above steps are taken.

If the parent/carer of young person, already identified as having SEND, feels their needs have changed, they are advised to contact both the SENCo and Head of Year via email, initially.

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