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Sports College Status


Ellowes Hall is proud to be a Sports College, enriching our provision across the curriculum

In 2004 Ellowes Hall was designated Sports College status to raise standards of achievement in Physical Education and sport for all our students across the ability range leading to whole school improvement. Due to our success we were then redesignated in September 2008.


Ellowes Hall is a local focal point for promoting excellence in P.E. and community sport, extending links between families of schools, sports bodies and communities, sharing resources, helping to provide a structure through which young people can progress to careers in sport and physical education. We are determined to increase participation in physical education and sport for all pre and post-16 year olds and develop the potential of talented performers. As a Sports College we intend to be a dynamic force in education, demonstrating how high quality P.E. and sport can make a distinctive contribution to whole school improvement.


Further funding is used to support our Primary Schools and local sports clubs through the School Sports Coordinator Programme. Physical Education plays a central part in the education of all our students because we want them all to enjoy taking part in healthy exercise and because we all recognise that healthy bodies lead to healthy minds.


Gifted and Talented


As well as encouraging every student to take part in a range of activities, we are determined to provide all possible support and encouragement for those students who excel in a particular sport. We are part of a national initiative that aims to help County team players (or equivalent) to develop their talent and at the same time keep their lives in balance, managing the demands of their academic work, social life and families, alongside their fixtures and training.




In the past year more students have taken part in physical education and sport activities outside of the curriculum than ever before. The college has played a huge number of competitive fixtures, covering a range of activities for students of all ages. We take a leading role in organising many of the sporting events in the area each year and use many of our ‘young leaders’ to help. Our leadership programme for students is growing year on year with over 50 students following the Sports Leaders Award. We are very proud of the work these students undertake in the community working within local sports clubs, youth clubs and primary schools.


Ellowes Hall is recognised by Institute for Lifesavers (IQL) as an Accredited Training Centre. This has enabled us to become self sufficient in running and assessing the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification. Since gaining approval we have trained many students who are now either employed by the school or have been deployed to work in pools in the area.


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