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Invictus Education Trust

Invictus Education Trust Chief Executive Officer















Where we differ from other multi academy trusts is our intention to collaborate, in every way.

This starts with the ‘Invictus Culture’ which has seen all of our schools, and Sixth Form, adopt a shared vision, mission and set of values.


Invictus Vision

Our communities will have access to an outstanding education. Our schools and 6th form cater for the social, economic and cultural diversity that our country is comprised of and deliver opportunities and experiences that celebrate that diversity. We are to be locally based, but nationally important.


Invictus Mission

We exist to provide our schools with the resources to offer independent minded education to their communities.  Our academic focus is on progress. We achieve this with exceptional teaching delivered by outstanding teachers, who are supported by an outstanding team. We provide our students with unique opportunities and elite experiences allowing them to thrive in whatever they pursue.


Invictus Values

Value One – Every day, in every way, our students come first

Our first and most important value.

Value Two – Anything is possible

We focus on the challenge to identify it, our energy is spent finding a solution.

Value Three – Accountability

If it is to be, it is to be me. 

Value Four – Seek and seize opportunities

We aim to deliver ‘WOW’ through opportunities and experiences.

Value Five – Focus on relationships and all else will follow

Open, honest and empathic relationships with clear and simple communication are the foundations of our Trust.

Value Six – Start with the end in mind

We identify our aspiration and put processes in place to exceed expectations. We celebrate our progress throughout the journey.

Value Seven – Think Collaboratively

We always ask ourselves; can we include more students, more of our team or more of our schools in everything we do?


See our culture brought to life with the film below

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