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At Ellowes Hall we realise the move from primary school to secondary school can be a difficult one. Therefore, the transition programme has been designed to ensure prospective students, parents and carers are well-informed, “worry-free” and look forward to starting a new and exciting journey at Ellowes Hall.



Towards the end of the summer term your child will spend a period of time at Ellowes Hall. As well as familiarising themselves with the site, they also experience a variety of lessons and activities to encourage them to build important relationships with staff and peers alike. We feel this is an exciting period for pupils which can alleviate many worries and concerns of secondary school to ensure a relaxed start to their journey at Ellowes Hall.


Curriculum provision (ACHIEVE/SELF) and academic achievement

ACHIEVE and SELF are central features of the Year 7 curriculum. They have been carefully planned to incorporate a holistic approach to transition. The lessons are taught by our team of specialist teachers who aim to develop important skills and lifelong learning, such as a knowledge of physical health and mental wellbeing, citizenship, relationship education and careers. We believe the transferable skills developed in these subjects are essential to success and will contribute to academic achievement, as well as developing a well-rounded young adult who will positively contribute to society.


Tutorial support and home-school links

Upon arrival at Ellowes Hall, each student will be part of a Year 7 tutor group. The tutor system aims to create a sense of belonging for your child and encourages social interaction with pupils of the same age. There is a differentiated tutor programme for each year group which is delivered each day. The Year 7 programme will include regular assemblies, current affairs, knowledge quizzes and reading activities. Form Tutors will be the first point of contact for parents and carers as they are able to closely monitor each student. As we value the importance of relationships between staff, students and parents, your child will remain in the dedicated care of the same Form Tutor during their educational journey. This ensures all students have the best opportunity to reach and exceed their potential whilst at Ellowes Hall.

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