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How does the Curriculum meet Students’ SEND?

It is our expectation that all students are able to meet their aspirational targets and make exceptional progress. To ensure this vision is realised, teaching staff are informed of student needs via our learning platform, Ello, Pupil Provision Plans (PPP), and One Page Profiles (OPP).

PPPs and OPPs are completed in collaboration with students, parents/carers, and, when necessary, external services. The documents are used to inform teachers about specific needs and strategies to assist students within the classroom, and also outline reasonable adjustments required to ensure young people are able to access mainstream classes. Staff are supplied with their own individual OPP booklet, which forms a working document allowing for teacher/student communication, and assessment of strategies.

Lessons are planned with clear aims, detailing ‘big questions’ to show students where their learning will take them, and ‘small questions’ to focus attention on specific skills acquired through QFT and engaging activities. Live marking is deployed to give students frequent and prompt advice for improvement, and build a trusting environment enabling young people to have the confidence to share their work and ideas.

LSA support is used both within classrooms and to deliver separate intervention, dependent on student needs. The aim of LSA deployment is to remove barriers to learning, and increase resilience and independence. To meet this vision it is imperative that LSAs never finish student tasks, or work on a dedicated 1:1 basis within the classroom, as this would be detrimental to progress, impacting negatively on the acquisition and development of skills. Ellowes Hall Sports College’s in class support deployment is informed by the Education Endowment Foundation’s (EEF) framework, which outlines the most effective ways in which to reach learnings who have SEND.

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